About Clonwilliam House

Clonwilliam is the ultimate dream-wedding destination. Many attempt to emulate, but no-one comes close. Accepted by industry insiders as being unique without direct competitors, Clonwilliam is Ireland’s most exclusive wedding venue.

What makes it so unique?

Clonwilliam is a working, private home. Clonwilliam happily remains unknown to most, familiar only to those few whom we have had the pleasure of welcoming here. Hosting your wedding here therefore is much more private than other private wedding venues, many of which are often open for other activities and events. It is not a hotel or guesthouse, is not open to individual guest accommodaton, and is not open to the public in any other way.

Open only to a very small number of bookings each year, the team at Clonwilliam dedicates itself solely to its handpicked luxury weddings and events, devoting the highest possible standards to each of them. No other luxury full-service venue in Ireland purposely focuses all its attention on such a limited number of events each year.

Fully staffed, event-managed, dressed & equipped Clonwilliam is unlike most private venues which tend to be DIY-driven. The Clonwilliam team will have everything organised in advance down to the finest detail, with all facilities, equipment, logistics & décor options already in place and with your own butler, household staff, wedding coordination & decoration team, and fine-dining caterer on hand. All you have to do is tell us how you would like it to be. And arrive!

Clonwilliam is the true antithesis of the conveyor-belt wedding venue. Unspoilt, unrushed. No check-in times, no check-out times, no breakfast times, no curfew. Arrive as early as you like. Have your wedding on any day you choose. Party for as late as you are able!

Strikingly beautiful, each room of the house exudes tasteful Georgian loveliness and classical elegance, with the beautiful stone banqueting barn and stables steeped in the rustic charm of a fairylit wonderland, and each vista in every direction around the estate offering wonderful opportunities for the picture-perfect photograph.

The epitome of luxury, bringing together the best of fine dining, crisp linens, immaculate rooms and five-star service, Clonwilliam is the perfect example of an elegant country manor.

Perfectly located, Clonwilliam is situated in one of the most picturesque parts of Ireland, an hour from Dublin, with a spectacular drop-dead view high up over a canopy of uninterrupted woodland, surrounded by grounds that make you feel you are somehow lost in time, strewn with old iron railings and mossy steps, fern-filled dells and wispy meadows.

It is warmly personal, being that wonderful mix of impressive backdrop to your day while at the same time feeling homely, comfortable and relaxed. With the core household management team of the formidable Elaine and the legendary Gerry, the staff of Clonwilliam genuinely care about your day as much as you do. This is not the professional, anonymous hospitality of a hotel: This is much better described as old-fashioned, Irish, familial warmth.

Driving up the tree-lined avenue is like stepping back in time to a more romantic, gentler world. It is hard not to get poetic about the magic of this place, hard not to fall in love with the romance of it.

Family legend tells of many old love stories forged amongst the bluebells here, hidden in the dappled sunlight, carved into its ancient trees. Maybe, if the stars align, you too might write your love story in this valley.